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360 Panoramas in the Tourism Industry

This week we’re focusing on the tourism industry, and how they could benefit from using 360 panoramas. (Check out our first post explaining what 360 is)

Most importantly, 360 allows customers to transform a vision into reality. A pre-held image of a place can be made reality by seeing a realistic representation of a location. Users are able to get a complete insight into exactly what to expect before visiting a place.

Watch the video above to take a look at our ‘Carry Istanbul in Your Pocket’ project to see how visitors can be immersed into a number of famous tourist sights and attractions. As you can see, it’s not just an image, but you’re given the chance to fully discover the sights and sounds of some of Istanbul’s famous landmarks. (Click here for the full project case study).

This could be a particularly exciting concept for airlines, travel agents or tour operators, as they can use it to sell new locations to customers.

Alternatively, hotels could use 360 panoramas to display their rooms and facilities, by providing tours inside particular areas. It can help customers choose what type of room to book, and plan what activities they hope to do whilst staying at the resort.

For the tourism industry, there are limitless opportunities to use 360 panoramas to enhance their business’ success.

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