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Everything you need to know about eCommerce platforms and Shopify

Nowadays, more and more retail companies are having to position themselves online in order to remain competitive. However, ecommerce websites are slightly more complicated than standard website designs due to the wide number of functionalities required to keep them ticking.

At Magnetic, our talented team of website designers are experts in developing ecommerce sites that have all the functionalities a business owner might need. One of the key web design platforms we commonly use to create these ecommerce websites is Shopify.

Shopify is one of the world's biggest eCommerce platforms. It provides a range of useful functionalities and has the capability of integrating with the physical store to allow business owners to run their stores from the comfort of their mobile phones.

For many, the allure of selling their products online has become too hard to resist. Fortunately, due to the numerous advantages related to the Shopify platform, users now have even more reason to begin the switch over to digital retail.

Here are just some of the benefits of setting up your ecommerce site with Shopify:

  1. It's affordable - compared to other ecommerce platforms, Shopify's monthly cost is far lower, allowing you to have a fast and reliable site without cutting corners

  2. It looks visually appealing - we can create minimalistic and beautiful looking shops by designing our own themes that present your products attractively to users

  3. It's fully responsive - meaning your products look great whichever device they're being viewed on

  4. It can be linked to social - you can seamlessly integrate with your social channels and sell, for example, on your Facebook page

  5. It has all the essential marketing tools - the most basic package includes SEO and advanced ecommerce analytics to help you tailor your marketing approach

  6. It has a convenient app - the Shopify app helps business owners manage their orders, clients and inventory on the go

These are just some of the wide-ranging benefits Shopify offers. Unless you are a huge high-street retailer, there's little need to reinvent the wheel and get your site created with bespoke code writing.

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