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The possibilities are endless with the new WIX code

Our web development friends over at WIX have introduced yet another incredible addition to their platform - WIX code!

So what exactly is this new launch? WIX Code is a powerful new tool that makes building a fully-fledged online site easier than ever before. It allows you to create your own custom elements to design the exact website you envision for your business, without the previous limits presented by the traditional web page templates of the past.

Code includes several new features that give designers more control over your website and web applications. One of the biggest new features is enhanced capabilities using Javascript to input code into your website, for both front-end interactivity and design or with back-end functionality.

Another addition is the WIX Code API, which lets you take control of your website’s functionality with WIX’s open API. It also offers server-less functionality, meaning we can cut down the time previously needed to set up and maintain an online presence.

Ultimately, WIX Code offers one more option for website design. It means that agencies like us that already have coding and design skills can have more control over the development and design of websites. To put it in simple terms, WIX code just means we can now do even more with WIX!

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