Stepping into 2017 with a firm focus on technology

Last week, London was baked in glorious sunshine. It was the perfect timing for an upcoming project that requires 360 panoramic photography shot in iconic London locations. It was also the perfect realisation that from start to finish our day was engrossed with technology among technology. From the moment we stepped out of the office and tapped a button on our phone to order an Uber, to using that same phone to pay for a Boris bike, and then using that same phone to complimen

The Events Industry and the Need for 360 Panoramas

This week, let’s explore how the events industry can benefit from 360 panoramas. (For an introduction to 360 panoramas, check out our first blog post) Events can use 360 panoramas to show the inside of venues, allowing users to see the different services on offer. They can take a tour of the various locations and their amenities to help decide if the location is appropriate for their desired need. If somebody is planning a special occasion, it’s important they choose the righ

360 Panoramas Potential in the Automotive Industry

This week, we’re talking about how 360 panoramas can benefit the automotive industry. (If you’re new to 360’s, check out our post here explaining exactly what it is!) The automotive industry can use 360 panoramas to give tours of both the inside and outside of cars. When a customer is thinking of buying a new car, they have the opportunity to see what specific details are like. They can see inside the car and focus on particular details, such as the interior or dashboard. Thi

How 360 Can Be Used In The Education Sector

The education industry could gain a competitive advantage over competition by using 360 panoramas to win over prospective students. (For an introduction into 360 panoramas, see our initial post here) Universities and schools can use 360 panoramas to provide an insight into various aspects of educational life. Campus tours can show potential students what to expect of university life, by giving a virtual tour inside lecture theatres, accommodation and other facilities. Similar

The Entertainment Industry’s Need for 360

This week, let’s explore how the entertainment industry can benefit from 360 panoramas. (If you’re new to 360 panoramas, check out our first blog post here) For the entertainment industry, your number of customers could be greatly increased by appealing to potential new patrons. By using 360 panoramas, restaurant and nightclub owners can exhibit certain areas of their properties and provide potential visitors with the opportunity to look around venues before visiting. People

360 Panoramas in the Tourism Industry

This week we’re focusing on the tourism industry, and how they could benefit from using 360 panoramas. (Check out our first post explaining what 360 is) Most importantly, 360 allows customers to transform a vision into reality. A pre-held image of a place can be made reality by seeing a realistic representation of a location. Users are able to get a complete insight into exactly what to expect before visiting a place. Watch the video above to take a look at our ‘Carry Istanbu

How 360 Panoramas can Benefit the Property Industry

​ This week, we’re talking about how 360 panoramas can benefit the property industry. (If 360’s a new concept to you, check out our post here explaining exactly what it is!) So, lets get started… 360 panoramas allow you to be fully immersed into a location. Whether you’re in the real estate industry or the construction industry, 360 technology can help you showcase your most important features, without actually being on site. Thanks to 360’s interactive characteristics, poten

Introducing 360 Panoramas

Here at Magnetic, we love experimenting with new technology and finding out how it can benefit your businesses. As you can probably tell by our pioneering work with augmented reality, we pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge solutions to your business needs. So what’s next? 360 panoramas, that’s what’s next! First things first, let us quickly explain what a 360 panorama is. It’s pretty much what it says in the name, a wide-angle image that covers a view of up to 360 degre

Year in Focus

From 22 January until 11 February, the Getty Images Gallery (Eastcastle Street, London) will showcase Year in Focus. This photography exhibition aims to show relevant events which occurred last year, worldwide. A selection of 60 images was made from 16’000 news events, 28’000 sports events and 50’000 entertainment events covered by Getty photographers. Pictures show the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the ongoing conflict in Syria and the World Cup, just to name a few. Want to

Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie and The Advent of Punk at Somerset House

Chris Stein, co-founder and guitarist of Blondie, as well as an acclaimed photographer, has registered thousands of pictures during the punk scene in New York City. After the release of the book Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie and The Advent of Punk in the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the band, Somerset House opens an homonym exhibition showcasing over 50 exclusive pictures by Stein which report us to the rebellious times of the punk era and behind-the-scenes of the

Offside Brazil

As England’s momentum met a premature end at the hands of Uruguay this week, at Magnetic we have been drowning our sorrows in the creative innovation of Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen, whose series ‘Offside Brazil’ captures in motion the essence of Brazil through the use of slow motion GIF technology. Click here to see his photos. Bendiksen gets up close and personal with his subjects on and off the streets – creating enchanting decelerated close ups of Brazilian foot

Brazil’s Game Changers

Brazil’s formidable relationship with the World Cup exposes two sides of the same coin – one of glory and glorification. Own goals and unfinished stadiums have claimed international attention; only to be outdone by headlines riddled with political unrest, corrupt cronies and violent outbursts. While the spotlight shines intensely on the beautiful game and on the not so beautiful cracks in the nation’s political stability, Magnetic will be showcasing all the creative talent Br