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How ‘Zero to Hero’ can help you brand your business

Zero to Hero’ is a concept that refers to a full service that covers all aspects of your design needs. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to build a bespoke brand completely from scratch. So if you’re a new business start-up or you just want a complete rebrand, ‘Zero to Hero’ allows you to develop a totally fresh brand and corporate identity.

But why is branding so important, I hear you ask? Well, at a time characterised by increased competition, a strong brand is fundamental to ensuring your business succeeds. Effective branding creates identification, differentiation and value, all of which are vital for creating a loyal customer base and influencing consumer choice.

Here at Magnetic, we can help you develop an appropriate brand identity through systematic consultation and research. Once we’ve identified your brand values, we can use our expert knowledge and experience to build your brand exactly the way you like it.

A good place to start is the visual identity. We can help you choose a suitable colour scheme and typography, and then apply this to designing a logo. Consistency is key, which is why getting all your design needs catered for by us ensures your brand appears authentic and professional.

From corporate stationery and logo design, to colour schemes and web design. We can create whatever you need to build an effective, innovative and exciting communication strategy.

One of our clients, Tuta Kids, benefitted from our ‘Zero to Hero’ service right from the outset. Being a start-up ecommerce website, we needed to develop a brand completely from scratch. We worked closely with Tuta to create a brand and design a logo. Once the brand was finalised, we began creating all printed material: washing instruction labels, discount vouchers, packaging, and corporate stationery…

Next, we designed and implemented Tuta’s website and online shop, ensuring all aspects of the visual identity were consistent with their brand. To this day, we continue to consult Tuta and provide visuals for online advertisements and social media posts.

We think it’s really important you only ever pay for what you need. That’s why we offer you the chance to select exactly what aspects of our design services you require. For example, when we rebranded WiklundKurucuk we designed a new logo, created a new website and designed all their corporate stationery. They told us what they wanted and we delivered.

In comparison, when we rebranded Entomak they wanted us to change absolutely everything, including the name! We created a new brand that reflected their brand values and then decided on an appropriate colour scheme and typeface. After designing the logo, we created Entomak’s user-friendly website and a range of printed and digital material (including an exhibition stand, business cards, letter-headed paper and envelopes).

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