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Our latest project with eHarmony has gone live!

We recently completed a really fun project with eHarmony UK and wanted to share it with you all so that you can get involved!

Website Design by Magnetic London

Whether you’re single or not, The School of Happiness is just what you need to get your 2017 off to a great start. The concept is based on a six-week masterclass, where you are taken on a journey to improving your overall happiness. Each week a new topic is unlocked where you get access to tips, advice and downloadable resources.

Magnetic were responsible for all aspects of campaign development and execution, from naming the campaign and designing the campaign identity, to developing and executing the final website design.

The Design Process

eHarmony UK wanted a microsite that would help people beat the January blues and encourage them to make positive, mood-boosting changes to their life. We worked closely with them to develop a campaign idea that would achieve this, whilst being in line with their current brand identity. We were restricted by their existing brand guidelines, and so all of the colours and typography were chosen according to this.

After being given the brief, we did some research into eHarmony UK's target audience and decided 'The School of Happiness' was a simple, appropriate and memorable name for the campaign. We then worked to design a logo that aptly suited this. The logo design which was selected was simple yet strong, and we took this approach to the rest of the campaign.

Simple but strong can be seen across all aspects of the website design. We adopted the use of a carousel to display the six different classes so that website visitors could clearly see where in the process we were up to. We also clearly provided users with downloadable resources which could be printed out and kept for later. The use of these printable PDFs helped to increase engagement and add value to the campaign. All of the content available on the site was provided by eHarmony UK, but we assisted with proofreading and a bit of copywriting when necessary.

We’ve had a lot of fun working on such a positive, cheery project and it’s definitely a great way to begin the year. We hope the School of Happiness will help people achieve true happiness, and look forward to hearing how people benefit from the campaign.

Check out The School of Happiness to learn all about the importance of happiness and to get your hands on some really cool (and free) content!

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