The Importance Of Working With A Full-Service Design Agency

A full service design agency has the ability to handle all aspects of the creative process, so there’s no need to use any additional third party. This usually includes all aspects of strategic planning, creative and production. What are the benefits? Save time and money Hiring a full-service agency means everything you do is controlled under the same roof. It means you only have to communicate with one person and they coordinate all the rest. The agency will make sure they em

Our latest project with eHarmony has gone live!

We recently completed a really fun project with eHarmony UK and wanted to share it with you all so that you can get involved! Whether you’re single or not, The School of Happiness is just what you need to get your 2017 off to a great start. The concept is based on a six-week masterclass, where you are taken on a journey to improving your overall happiness. Each week a new topic is unlocked where you get access to tips, advice and downloadable resources. Magnetic were responsi

Our Top Tips For Great Website Design

When it comes to web design, us guys at Magnetic know a thing or two about achieving success. So we thought we’d let you in on a few little secrets that will allow you to benefit from killer website designs that meet your users’ needs. Websites don’t have to be complicated. In fact, we think the simpler the better. But in order for your website to be perfect, you need to ensure you consider these five crucial elements. Functionality Your website should be easy to navigate a