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Introducing 360 Panoramas

Here at Magnetic, we love experimenting with new technology and finding out how it can benefit your businesses. As you can probably tell by our pioneering work with augmented reality, we pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge solutions to your business needs. So what’s next? 360 panoramas, that’s what’s next!

First things first, let us quickly explain what a 360 panorama is. It’s pretty much what it says in the name, a wide-angle image that covers a view of up to 360 degrees.

So now onto the exciting part, how can 360 panoramas benefit different industries?

The most obvious opportunity comes from the ability to showcase a virtual tour, or simulation of a particular location. 360 panoramas allow you to be completely transported inside a place. Consequently, it’s ideal for presenting and promoting particular places.

Stay tuned to find out how 360 can benefit different types of businesses, as each week we focus on a new industry.


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