AR means PR – Why AR is the perfect PR tool

Augmented Reality (AR) is the perfect PR tool. It can help bring about a whole host of PR opportunities with it’s potential to give companies that true ‘wow’ factor. PR is all about creating campaigns and developing ideas that really catch people’s attention. AR is the cutting-edge technology that allows you to do exactly that. How? For those that don’t know, Augmented Reality is an image recognition technology that allows audiences to see the world and your products in a who

Why Augmented Reality is a better investment than Virtual Reality

Unless you’ve been living in a hole the past year, I’m sure you’ve heard about the biggest tech trend of 2016, Virtual Reality. However, all too often people are ignoring Virtual Reality’s cousin, Augmented Reality. The recent obsession with Pokemon Go proves that Augmented Reality is definitely worth the investment. It has the potential to turn brands into viral phenomenons and make you just as much, if not more money than VR. But Augmented Reality is so much more than just

How Mixed Reality Will Change The Way We Interact

Mixed reality refers to the merging of augmented reality and virtual reality. It has recently gained significant coverage after Microsoft declared mixed reality will be the next big thing. According to Terry Myerson, executive vice president for Windows and Devices Group, “mixed reality devices will provide users with the ability to ‘break down the barriers between virtual and physical reality.’” By combining the best features of augmented and virtual reality, mixed reality h

Augmented Reality in Fashion & Retail.

Augmented Reality technology gives the potential to bring your print to life, which is a great opportunity for those in the Fashion and Retail industries. Find out more about Augmented Reality here > One really exciting concept is the opportunity to embed AR into your print material to grab your audience’s attention. You can augment your catalogues with behind the scenes footage or a slideshow of photos from backstage. Or how about engaging your shoppers in store by using AR

AR in Events

Augmented Reality can offer huge benefits to those in the Events Industry. AR allows you to add a whole new dimension to your print material. (Check out our introductory video on AR here). A great advantage of AR is that it allows you the opportunity to provide loads more detail about a particular aspect. For example, you can embed AR into your venue catalogues so that when people scan it they are able to see a variety of additional information. You can embed 360 panoramas to

AR in Automotive

Last up in our series of posts on Augmented Reality in different industries is the automotive industry! (If you’re new to AR, check out our page here explaining exactly what it is!) AR allows you to add a whole new dimension to your printed material. This can present a whole host of opportunities for those in the automotive industry, as you’re about to find out! So firstly, let’s consider how AR can help you sell your products to potential customers… You can embed AR into you

AR in Education

We previously discussed how Augmented Reality could benefit the Real Estate Industry. Today we’re exploring how this exciting new technology provides new opportunities for those in the education sector. For more information about AR, check out our video. There are two main benefits of using AR in the Education industry: to market and promote oneself and to improve the student experience. Firstly, let’s focus on how schools and universities can use AR to help promote their ins

AR in Entertainment

As our previous blog posts suggest, Augmented Reality provides so many opportunities for businesses in a range of industries. (Check out our video on AR here). Today we’re discussing how the Entertainment Industry can benefit from implementing AR into their businesses. The entertainment industry can embed AR technology into their printed material to allow users to look inside venues. You can use our 360-panoramic technology, (see video here) to show potential customers the in

Augmented Reality (AR) in Tourism

The tourism industry could benefit from using Augmented Reality in a variety of ways. (If Augmented Reality confuses you, check out this page). AR is a great opportunity for the travel industry as it allows users to be immersed into a new location. AR allows visions to be turned into reality, which is obviously a great chance for those in the tourist industry to give their customers a complete insight into what to expect before visiting a place. ​ You can augment printed mate

Introducing 360 Panoramas

Here at Magnetic, we love experimenting with new technology and finding out how it can benefit your businesses. As you can probably tell by our pioneering work with augmented reality, we pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge solutions to your business needs. So what’s next? 360 panoramas, that’s what’s next! First things first, let us quickly explain what a 360 panorama is. It’s pretty much what it says in the name, a wide-angle image that covers a view of up to 360 degre

AR in Real Estate and Construction

Augmented Reality adds value to digital content, by allowing users to place a digital overlay on the real world. In other words, you can add videos, links and images to your printed material. (If this sounds a little confusing take a look at our video here). Today we are talking about how Real Estate and Construction businesses can benefit from AR. AR allows you to bring aspects of your printed material to life. Within seconds, all the elements of your catalogues become click

We announced our new website with an augmented teaser campaign.

We announced our new website in social media with an augmented teaser campaign. Our followers who scanned this pixellated image with the free Layar app on their smart phones were able to see our home page before the launch date. The campaign received so much attention, that the pixellated image of our new home page got scanned more than 500 times in one day. ---- Did you like this blog? Why don't you follow us on Twitter to get your fix of daily design and tech and inspiratio