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Web Design Trends 2016

These are our predictions for the year’s top trends in web design:

1. More Illustrations

Photos somewhat restrict the imagination. However illustrations allow users to create their own interpretation of a scene or idea. We think that by using more illustrations and less photography web designers will be able to form deeper connections and relationships with viewers.

2. Flat Design

The flat design trend emerged last year, but it’s here to stay. We can also see white space continuing to play a huge role in helping sites appear clean, clear and uncluttered.

3. Bolder Colours

While the past has seen a tendency to stick to ‘web-safe’ colours, such as muted blues or reds for alerts, this year web-designers may take a step towards more vibrant colours. We may even see designers adopting highly saturated and neon palettes!

4. ‘Blur Up’ Background Images

Facebook may be to blame for this one. They suggested scaling an image and gradually uploading it increases load time by up to 30%. We anticipate many more web-designers to cash in on this trend this year.

5. High Quality Moving Images

Cinemagraphs are moving images that allow you to express more words than a photo, but use less bandwidth than a video. We predict web-designers will be adopting this feature to add energy to websites and break up long periods of text.

6. Bold Iconography

Iconography is a growing trend thanks to the rise of minimalistic design. This year we can expect to see more detailed and creative icons, which is great news for designers who may feel limited by the constraints of conventional web layouts.


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