What makes a great logo design?

Designing a logo is simple right? Wrong. Great logo design is a really complicated process because it requires such a range of skills. From design skills and creative theory, to skillful application, each logo has to be bespoke and original, which takes time. Logos are an essential part of a strong corporate brand, and as such they are highly important elements. A logo is often a company’s first impression and so it can have a direct impact on brand perception, conversion rat

Web Design Trends 2016

These are our predictions for the year’s top trends in web design: 1. More Illustrations Photos somewhat restrict the imagination. However illustrations allow users to create their own interpretation of a scene or idea. We think that by using more illustrations and less photography web designers will be able to form deeper connections and relationships with viewers. 2. Flat Design The flat design trend emerged last year, but it’s here to stay. We can also see white space cont

ABC of architects

The architect and graphic designer Federico Babina has created an illustrated alphabet of renowned architects, the Archibet. His illustrations are inspired in the style of each of the famous architect and their trademarks. The twenty-six illustrations are featured in a book of postcards. Among the architects we can find Toyo Ito, Renzo Piano, Frank LloydWright, Yamasaki, Niemeyer, naming just a few. According to Week Design here, Babina discovered the link between architectu

Can you decode these visual proverbs?

The graphic designer Mike Dempsey has transformed familiar idioms and popular proverbs into visual art works. These posters are giclée printed on to 305gsm matt archival art paper using fade-free inks and are available online at Dempsey’s website: www.studiodempsey.co.uk/ The Visual Trigger series include the familiar “bird in the hand”, “up yours”, “screw you” or “tea time”. Can you decode the others? ---- Did you like this blog? Why don't you follow us on Twitter to get you

IKEA Man adopts multiple personalities?

Yes, he has helped you put together that IKEA table/desk/bookcase/bed you took hours to figure out. He is a multi-tasking man, and now he may also seem to have adopted multiple personalities. We are talking about the IKEA man, that white little man who you always wanted to fill with colour. Seems like the Syrian graphic designer Sedki Alimam has made it first and quite originally. Alimam, who is living in Sweden at the moment, has released a series of prints of IKEA man dress