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The Entertainment Industry’s Need for 360

This week, let’s explore how the entertainment industry can benefit from 360 panoramas. (If you’re new to 360 panoramas, check out our first blog post here)

For the entertainment industry, your number of customers could be greatly increased by appealing to potential new patrons. By using 360 panoramas, restaurant and nightclub owners can exhibit certain areas of their properties and provide potential visitors with the opportunity to look around venues before visiting.

People can get a feel for the place as if they were already there, and take a look at the various facilities on offer. 360 allows you to fully immerse yourself and be transformed inside a new location.

A great example could be when a client wants to use a particular venue for an event. They can take a tour around the site and decide if the size, atmosphere and setting are appropriate for the event they wish to organise.

As you can probably tell from the diverse list of opportunities we have described, the potential for 360 really is vast! Get in contact today to find out how you could benefit from 360 panoramas in your business.


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