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AR in Entertainment

As our previous blog posts suggest, Augmented Reality provides so many opportunities for businesses in a range of industries. (Check out our video on AR here).

Today we’re discussing how the Entertainment Industry can benefit from implementing AR into their businesses.

The entertainment industry can embed AR technology into their printed material to allow users to look inside venues. You can use our 360-panoramic technology, (see video here) to show potential customers the inside of restaurants or nightclubs.

This is a great concept for those planning on hosting a special event inside one of your venues. For example, if somebody is planning a birthday party, they could take a look inside the venue and see if it’s the appropriate size and atmosphere for their special day.

Alternatively, you can use AR to embed contact information or booking forms on to printed material so that clients can get in touch with just the tap of a button.

Restaurant owners can augment their menus to show a slideshow of photos of the ingredients or even embed videos of the dishes being prepared. This interactive element allows diners to have more choice when deciding which meal to order and ultimately having a better experience at your restaurant.

Or why not use AR to help you plan a truly innovative event? You could augment your invitations to allow users to get information on the venue, give them the opportunity to RSVP or provide them with more information about the schedule for the evening.


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