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How 360 Panoramas can Benefit the Property Industry

This week, we’re talking about how 360 panoramas can benefit the property industry.

(If 360’s a new concept to you, check out our post here explaining exactly what it is!)

So, lets get started…

360 panoramas allow you to be fully immersed into a location. Whether you’re in the real estate industry or the construction industry, 360 technology can help you showcase your most important features, without actually being on site.

Thanks to 360’s interactive characteristics, potential clients can look around and zoom in on particular details of the area. If you’re selling residential property or land, potential buyers can look around the area and fully immerse themselves into the location. They can take a tour of the surrounding streets or see inside other parts of the building.

If you’re in the construction industry, 360 can benefit you too! Why not allow others to get a proper feel for your vision by showing them a tour of your planned work. You can show them all the intricate details of your interior design. Alternatively, you could use it to win over a new client by showing them your past work on a 360 scale.

These are just a few ways the property industry could benefit from using 360 technology, but possibilities really are endless. If you want to find out how your business can benefit from 360, get in contact today!


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