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AR in Real Estate and Construction

Augmented Reality adds value to digital content, by allowing users to place a digital overlay on the real world. In other words, you can add videos, links and images to your printed material. (If this sounds a little confusing take a look at our video here).

Today we are talking about how Real Estate and Construction businesses can benefit from AR.

AR allows you to bring aspects of your printed material to life. Within seconds, all the elements of your catalogues become clickable. Your properties are not just pictures anymore! With AR, you can link your images to a range of extra content: videos, slideshows, presentations or documents… you name it and you can link it!

AR also allows you to link to 3D floor plans, so you can make the whole viewing experience totally interactive.

Or you can use it to offer 360 panoramas and map locations, allowing potential buyers to explore the surroundings, both inside and outside.

Alternatively, why not use AR to add extra detail to contact information, so that viewings and appointments can be booked within seconds.

It’s so easy to update your content, so that you are always showing the latest information and news.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not grasp that innovative edge over competitors and see what AR can do for your business?


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