AR in Real Estate and Construction

Augmented Reality adds value to digital content, by allowing users to place a digital overlay on the real world. In other words, you can add videos, links and images to your printed material. (If this sounds a little confusing take a look at our video here). Today we are talking about how Real Estate and Construction businesses can benefit from AR. AR allows you to bring aspects of your printed material to life. Within seconds, all the elements of your catalogues become click

Vietnam’s emerging architectural trends

As Vietnam starts building its tallest skyscraper, we take a look at the architectural trends emerging across the country. 2015 has marked a period of intense development and advancement for Vietnam. As the country’s economic position continues to improve, it is witnessing a major boom in construction. This property boom has seen an emerging trend towards a variety of new architecture and design. Recently, construction began on Ho Chi Minh’s 460-metre-high skyscraper, Landmar

ABC of architects

The architect and graphic designer Federico Babina has created an illustrated alphabet of renowned architects, the Archibet. His illustrations are inspired in the style of each of the famous architect and their trademarks. The twenty-six illustrations are featured in a book of postcards. Among the architects we can find Toyo Ito, Renzo Piano, Frank LloydWright, Yamasaki, Niemeyer, naming just a few. According to Week Design here, Babina discovered the link between architectu