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10 Creative Things You Can Do This Easter

Easter is just around the corner, and we thought what better way to get in the mood than making a few little bits to decorate your home.

Here’s our list of some creative activities to help you celebrate!

1. Egg decorating

There are so many different ways you can decorate eggs to brighten up your home. Check out this website for some inspiration:

2. Nest Table Settings

You can also try making lovely little nests like these to decorate your table this Easter.

3. Homemade Creme Egg

Everyone loves Cadbury creme eggs at Easter! Why don’t you make your own using this recipe:

4. Paper Wreath

By using patterned paper and ribbon you can design colourful wreaths for your home.

5. Garlands and Bunting

Or why not try cutting out egg shapes of patterned wrapping paper and hang them around your home!

6. Bake

Easter doesn’t have to just be about hot cross buns! Why don’t you experiment with baking other Easter-themed treats?

7. Easter Egg Hunt

You can design clues and signposts to help little ones find their eggs! You can even create a basket for them to carry their finds in!

8. Easter Hamper

Why give one egg when you can give loads? Treat loved ones by making a hamper of lots of Easter-related chocolate!

9. Easter Jars

If a hamper is too big, why not make a smaller version by filling old jam jars with Easter treats?

10. Easter Trees

Our last idea is to make a cute Easter tree by hanging little eggs onto branches. You can even add small felt chicks or little bunnies!

We hope you liked our collection of fun things to create to brighten up your home this Easter. Make sure you tweet us if you decide to make any, or if you have any other creative ideas!

Happy Easter!


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