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IKEA Man adopts multiple personalities?

Yes, he has helped you put together that IKEA table/desk/bookcase/bed you took hours to figure out. He is a multi-tasking man, and now he may also seem to have adopted multiple personalities. We are talking about the IKEA man, that white little man who you always wanted to fill with colour. Seems like the Syrian graphic designer Sedki Alimam has made it first and quite originally. Alimam, who is living in Sweden at the moment, has released a series of prints of IKEA man dressed with the well-known cartoon characters: Yogi Bear, Fred Flintstone, Smurf, Ninja turtle, Hello Kitty, Bart Simpson, Minion, and many others.

In a visit to IKEA, Alimam was about to get a piece of furniture when he noticed this character from the instructions manuals. As the author says on his page, “after a few hours of illustration and childhood cartoon flashbacks, I came up with this”. Yabba dabba doone!


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Author: Maria Palma Teixeira @mariapgteixeira

Source/ Sedki Alimam portfolio here:

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