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Oki-ni x POSTMatter

I’ve loved the guys at Oki-ni for a long time, when they closed down their Savile row store I was absolutely gutted. Since then they have always peaked my interest with their marketing campaigns and use of cutting edge design.

This month they have partnered with digital innovators POSTmatter to create a series of 31 origami animations that offer a unique perspective their SS14 products from across their brand list.

Founded in September 2001 initially both a gallery space/store and a global online destination, Oki-ni was created to work with established brands and progressive designers, to offer innovative products to knowledgeable fashion consumers. They have also collaborated with brands to come up with outstanding limited edition pieces.

To quote the Oki-ni website:

“POSTmatter and Oki-ni are both companies that champion digital innovation and this project combines the strengths of each partner, blending our curated selection of luxury menswear with POSTmatter’s technical knowhow.

Taking cues from the Japanese art of origami, while also referencing our strong links with Japan, this series of playful animations demonstrate improbable feats of origami prowess, as various items of footwear and accessories are transformed into a menagerie of paper animals before your very eyes”.

Here are a few of them:

You can view the full daily calendar here, or follow Oki-ni on Instagram.

cover image: screenshot from

author: Mr. Tronica - @MagneticLondon


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