How ‘Zero to Hero’ can help you brand your business

Zero to Hero’ is a concept that refers to a full service that covers all aspects of your design needs. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to build a bespoke brand completely from scratch. So if you’re a new business start-up or you just want a complete rebrand, ‘Zero to Hero’ allows you to develop a totally fresh brand and corporate identity. But why is branding so important, I hear you ask? Well, at a time characterised by increased competition, a strong brand is fundamental to

Vietnam’s emerging architectural trends

As Vietnam starts building its tallest skyscraper, we take a look at the architectural trends emerging across the country. 2015 has marked a period of intense development and advancement for Vietnam. As the country’s economic position continues to improve, it is witnessing a major boom in construction. This property boom has seen an emerging trend towards a variety of new architecture and design. Recently, construction began on Ho Chi Minh’s 460-metre-high skyscraper, Landmar

Emoji portraits or the post-modernism symptom

Yes, we are thinking exactly the same thing as you: who would imagine portraits of celebrities (or anyone else) made of emojis? Well, Yung Jake did. Imagination has no boundaries, and so does (not) design. According to, the rapper used the website to create these portraits of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Wiz Khalifa, Miley Cyrus, Jerry Seinfeld, as well as Larry David, Rihanna, among others. Take a closer look into this pictures, and you will see cooki

150 years of Alice in Wonderland celebrated by the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail has dedicated a special edition of stamps to Alice in the Wonderland celebrate the 150th anniversary of the classic novel by Lewis Carol. Ten stamps (five pairs) feature the well-known characters White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and Alice herself. The set was designed by Jason Godfrey of Godfrey Design in collaboration with the award-winning illustrator Grahame Bakersmith. “The story of Alice in Wonderland remains a perennial favourite of children, and indeed adults,

Before and After

Photoshop has long been seen as a polarising force in the design and art world. On one hand it’s the sliced bread, the how did we survive without it, the paradigm shift, the singularity. On the other hand it is the Frankenstein’s monster, the kryptonite, the child of Mammon. One thing that we can all agree on is that since Adobe’s Magnus Opus has been made commercially available it has had an impact on the whole world. It has veritably been the Pandora’s box that changed the

What Next for Design? The Design Museum Celebrates 25 Years!

5 July 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Design Museum in Shad Thames. In celebration of this landmark year, the museum will be staging a series of talks, with leading designers and architects answering the question ‘What Next?’ Talks are priced at £25 per ticket and will raise important funds for the museum's future. Get more info » ---- Did you like this blog? Why don't you follow us on Twitter to get your fix of daily design and tech and inspiration? autho

Taking it back to basics!

Surfing across the worldwide web I managed to stumble upon a Vicki Turner, a British designer and illustrator who clearly has a true passion for blogging and the simplicity of it. Checking it out was a massive pleasure, as it was aesthetically pleasing yet simple, which I feel is a major problem for many blogger's nowadays as they have decided to flee away from such position. Usually, the case for me is that the majority of blog's I come across are bombarded with so many diff

Oki-ni x POSTMatter

I’ve loved the guys at Oki-ni for a long time, when they closed down their Savile row store I was absolutely gutted. Since then they have always peaked my interest with their marketing campaigns and use of cutting edge design. This month they have partnered with digital innovators POSTmatter to create a series of 31 origami animations that offer a unique perspective their SS14 products from across their brand list. Founded in September 2001 initially both a gallery space/stor

Magnetic was at GREAT Festival of Creativity in Istanbul.

Magnetic attended to the GREAT Festival of Creativity (part of the GREAT Britain campaign), and had a great time by the Bosphorus in beautiful Istanbul for 3 days. Full of inspiration, encouragement, fresh ideas, and loads of networking... We've seen loads, but to mention a couple, we saw how the movie Gravity got filmed, and directed in computer environment, and we got impressed by the story behind the design of London 2012 Olympic Torch by BarberOsgerby. The GREAT Festivals

Design is the creation of hope.

Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system or in the case of the oxford dictionary: The art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing of something before it is made. It is in everything and anything you can see, touch, or even conceive. It is fundamental, yet has not always been as highly regarded as it is now. Currently it seems as if, to lift a phrase from my good friend Jenai, working in media, marketing an

Print is still alive!

So there seems to be a new spark of life for the print design industry, with People for Print declaring a new publication, “Print isn’t dead”. We can definitely assure, that it isn’t looking at all the new breaking technology that is appearing, which is advancing the print industry and the limits of what us designers can do. People of Print are giving us the opportunity by collating all the latest content of print around. People of print will deliver us with interviews from