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Taking it back to basics!

Surfing across the worldwide web I managed to stumble upon a Vicki Turner, a British designer and illustrator who clearly has a true passion for blogging and the simplicity of it.

Checking it out was a massive pleasure, as it was aesthetically pleasing yet simple, which I feel is a major problem for many blogger's nowadays as they have decided to flee away from such position.

Usually, the case for me is that the majority of blog's I come across are bombarded with so many different colours, images, text, which just creates massive confusion and eradicates the beauty of actually blogging. At the end of the day, no one really wants the whole page to jump out at them as there is a simplistic kind of beauty in having little text at times alongside stark images and that’s what makes that perfect blog "right down to a Tee"!

To see more of Vicki Turner''s blog check out

cover image: Vicki Turner's blog

author: Jermaine Ijieh - @IjiehII


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