The possibilities are endless with the new WIX code

Our web development friends over at WIX have introduced yet another incredible addition to their platform - WIX code! So what exactly is this new launch? WIX Code is a powerful new tool that makes building a fully-fledged online site easier than ever before. It allows you to create your own custom elements to design the exact website you envision for your business, without the previous limits presented by the traditional web page templates of the past. Code includes several n

Meet Our New Team Member: Richard!

A few weeks ago we were thrilled to welcome a new member to the team – Richard! Richard is going to be our Design Intern so we thought we would ask him a few quick questions so you can get to know him a little better. Beth: Hey, Richard. Welcome to Magnetic! Can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself? Richard: Yes, sure! I’m 21 years old and currently studying media and design in the Netherlands. In my spare time I’m busy with athletics (running mostly), playing foo

The Fragmentation of Design Jobs

We recently read an article from Basecamp designer, Jonas Downey on how fragmented the design industry is becoming, and we can’t help but agree. He makes a hugely valid point about the absurd number of different names for design roles and titles. One thing that really stuck out to us was the quote ‘I believe Design requires a holistic grasp of problems, potential, and materials.’ At Magnetic, our designers are not only capable of, but also comfortable with working across a va

The Importance Of Working With A Full-Service Design Agency

A full service design agency has the ability to handle all aspects of the creative process, so there’s no need to use any additional third party. This usually includes all aspects of strategic planning, creative and production. What are the benefits? Save time and money Hiring a full-service agency means everything you do is controlled under the same roof. It means you only have to communicate with one person and they coordinate all the rest. The agency will make sure they em

Our Ten Best Moments of 2015

First things first, let’s start things off with a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope you all had lots of fun over the festive season, we know we definitely did! As it’s the beginning of a new year, we decided it was only appropriate to look back at our favourite moments from 2015. Keep reading to find out about all the happy moments that contributed to making 2015 a great year for Magnetic. 1. When we visited potentially the coolest bookshop in the world 2. That time we spent a wh