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How To Procrastinate Creatively In The Office

Design agency creative office ideas by Magnetic

Working in the creative world means that at times you can be extremely knocked-off-your-feet busy, and at others a little quiet. When we do manage to get a little down time - or perhaps when we just need a little break to make sure we don’t pull our hair out - we like to make sure we’re procrastinating productively. That’s why over time we’ve thought of some different creative techniques to kill time in the office.

Being creative at work is actually something we always consciously try to encourage. There’s something about the buzz you feel when you walk into a creative workplace that just seems to radiate success. There’s nothing better than seeing people energetic, engaged and genuinely excited about the new ideas that are bubbling around.

What’s more, from a business success point of view, creativity encourages employees to be more stimulated and productive as ideas never become stagnant or boring. It’s what drives staff to identify and solve problems by looking at the multiple options, resources and solutions available. And it’s what can take employees – and the company itself – in a whole new direction.

Promoting a culture of creativity basically means embracing the chaos of out-of-the-box ideas.

Creative books at London web design agency

Here are a few of the ways we cultivate this philosophy at Magnetic:

  • Playing with nostalgic materials like Play Doh, pipe cleaners, stamps and glitter pens.

  • Spending time filling our creative books. Our current favourites are the ‘Wreck This Book Journal’ and ‘Our Collage Book’.

  • Reading creative magazines and books from our ever-growing collection.

  • Playing with new creative tools like the 3D pen.

  • Hosting arts and crafts sessions, such as learning a new origami fold or just colour in pages from an adult colouring book.

We hope you can draw some inspiration from our creative procrastination ideas and foster this spirit in your own workplace. If you have any ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them! Please get in touch on social media so we can give them a try for ourselves.

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