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The Relationship Between Design And Social Responsibility

Working in such a dynamic and creative industry, it can be easy for designers to ignore the wider picture. Too often people get so involved with projects and deadlines that they forget how easy it is to help out the world around us.

Being a design agency, we have a slight advantage, as it’s so easy to build a relationship with social responsibility. Yes, it takes time – but we’re about to tell you why it’s so worth it.

Over the past few weeks we have been working alongside WWF to create visual communication content for the protection of marine wildlife in Turkey. So far we have created two leaflets, educating the local people of Kas on how to prevent the Grouper fish from going extinct.

It’s great to not only do something we’re passionate about, but also do something that is synonymous with sustainability.

Engaging in social responsibility gives the whole team an opportunity to give something back. We use the knowledge, skills and experience we have developed over the years to help others when they need it most.

Magnetic London Social Responsibility Campaign for WWF

Everyone enjoys doing their bit, but in today’s hectic world, people claim they never have the time. We make sure we build CSR into our work life at Magnetic to allow our team to feel as though they’re supporting a cause without having to worry about time or money.

We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with WWF and helping protect the beautiful Kas region. We also hope to extend our social responsibility efforts in the future and use our skills to support other campaigns and projects. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all our work.


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