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10 Steps to Great Client Relationships

Over the past few years we’ve learned our fair share about how to develop great relationships with clients.

So we’ve picked our top ten tips for you to make sure your client collaborations are as successful as possible!

  1. Communicate clearly – speak regularly, address problems directly and agree on key goals and timelines

  2. Keep your promises – build trust and credibility

  3. Be honest – be open when you can’t keep your promises

  4. Listen – to help you identify expectations of what needs to be done

  5. Anticipate – anticipate clients needs before they realise them

  6. Plan – plan your approach

  7. Be flexible – especially with new clients

  8. Ask for feedback – so you can keep improving

  9. Be personal – call them on their birthday, send them a Christmas card…

  10. Don’t try to move too fast – remember, building a long-term relationship takes time, be sincere and authentic!

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