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Why Creatives Should Stay in Touch With Their Crafty Past

Everyone knows the importance of staying in touch with your past. Remaining connected to the various elements that made you who you are is an essential trait for any individual. Similarly to this concept, we think it’s essential not to stray from our historical craft roots. After all, every aspect of design stems from craft.

Historically, design has evolved from a hands-on approach involving strong attention to detail and concentration. Craftsmen and women tended to possess one specific skill that they were experts in, for example woodwork. However, design as we know it today has been transformed due to the rapid introduction of new technology. Unfortunately, we feel that due to a reliance on computers, many designers are losing touch with the traditional sense of craftsmanship.

At Magnetic, we recognise the importance of not becoming dependent on new technology. We believe that by remaining in touch with our roots, we have managed to remain humble designers and not get caught up in the change that comes with growth and success.

Our designers make sure they never hesitate to get involved in hands on experiments. These activities bring back a sense of nostalgia, back to the days when they were doing arts and crafts and first realising their creative potential. Perhaps this nostalgic element is the reason our designers enjoy these sort of tasks so much!

However, this is not to say that we do not appreciate many of the wonderful and exciting opportunities that are presented to us through new technology. By no means are we a design company that is reluctant to move forward (as you can tell from our cutting-edge work using augmented reality), we just feel it’s important for our designers to stay in touch with the traditional roots of craftsmanship… The old-fashioned activities that probably made them want to be a designer in the first place!


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