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Print Design Trends for 2016

We’ve created a list of the design trends we anticipate to be big in 2016

1. Colours:

According to Pantone, this year’s design will be based around two colours: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Expect to see soothing pastel tones such as these emulated in design trends this year.

2. Shapes

Last year saw the likes of Air BnB, Tokyo 2020 and Windows 10 all adopting shapes into their logos. This year we think the power of shapes will take over all aspects of design, from icons, logos, backgrounds and repeated patterns.

(left to right: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo, Clubish Dance Radio, Airbnb, Windows 10. Tokyo 2020 logo then got replaced with with another one because of some disputes).

3. Large Images

We’re anticipating the current trend for large imagery in web design to be replicated in print, with high-quality illustrations and photography making print material more powerful and striking.

4. Big Blocks of Text

Similar to infographics, presenting text using large fonts can make information easy to read and more eye-catching.

5. Retro Influences

Previous years’ design has taken influence from the 50s and 60s. So we think now it’s time for the 70s and 80s to inspire our creativity. What’s more, 90s nostalgia was a big trend last year, perhaps 90s design trends will also transpire forward into modern design.


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