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"EARTH's MAGNETIC FIELD IS SHIFTING!" say the scientists...

The planet's magnetic field is becoming less stable, and the poles are shifting the scientists say.

Well, we are not surprised! As we keep magnetising and keep completing projects for our clients from all around the globe, this is a bit of an expected result.

Magnetic was one of the select few companies to exhibit at the British Technology Summit in Istanbul on 27 November 2014, and at Bakutel2014 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan between 2-5 December 2014.

With our innovative, creative and attractive design and communication solutions, we received a great interest from the visitors at both of the events. Our Augmented Reality services and our video catalogues especially got the biggest attention. To show the capabilities of the Augmented Reality technology, we augmented own stand at these events. Visitors who scanned our stand with their mobile phones were able to see an interactive Twitter wall where all the tweets with the dedicated hash tags of the events were displayed live. The visitos were also taken to an interactive tour of London in 360 degrees.

We also had the privilege to present our services to Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan at Bakutel, together with Prime Minister's trade envoy Prof. Charles Hendry and ambassador Mr. Irfan Siddiq.

We met some amazing people during these events, and made some great connections.

As we magnetise the world, it's not a surprise if we witness a shift in the earth's magnetic field.

#getmagnetised, become attractive...

If you'd like to read about the scientific facts follow this link.


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Author: Kaan Aydogmus

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