David Hockney: A Review Of The Tate Britain Exhibition

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, you would know that Tate Britain is currently home to one of its most popular exhibitions in history. Showcasing an extensive collection of David Hockney’s most famous works, the exhibition has already broken pre-sales records and is likely to continue being a huge hit over the next few weeks. David Hockney Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) 1972 Private Collection © David Hockney Photo Credit: Art Gallery of

The Rise of African Art

Hear the words ‘African design’ and we’re almost positive your first thought is either brightly coloured wax print patterns or wooden masks and sculptures. However you’d be very, very wrong. So wrong in fact, that those vibrantly patterned wax prints didn’t even originate in Africa, they came from Indonesia - don’t worry, we only just learned that too! Contemporary African art is undergoing something of a revival at the moment, and it has so much more to offer than the cliché

Why Creatives Should Stay in Touch With Their Crafty Past

Everyone knows the importance of staying in touch with your past. Remaining connected to the various elements that made you who you are is an essential trait for any individual. Similarly to this concept, we think it’s essential not to stray from our historical craft roots. After all, every aspect of design stems from craft. Historically, design has evolved from a hands-on approach involving strong attention to detail and concentration. Craftsmen and women tended to possess o


Having attended the 20/21 International Art Fair in May a certain Vernissage caught my eye. According to the official write up Vernissage was ‘established in 2000 as the first private organisation to recognise the wealth of talent in Poland and bring it to corporate and private collections in UK and beyond’. Run by Izabella Kay, formerly as an art project, Vernissage is now a highly respected art consultancy representing and showcasing emerging and established international a