The Nostalgic Approach to Design

Nostalgia can be defined as a sentimental longing for a period in the past. It is a craving and desire for a familiar memory. Nostalgia can be triggered by the most random of memories, from recalling a particular smell, seeing a specific object or hearing an old song. The sheer power of nostalgia makes it possible for designers to enrich design, but how? We have compiled a collection of tips and ideas that can be adopted to strengthen creativity on a sentimental and emotional

Our Ten Best Moments of 2015

First things first, let’s start things off with a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope you all had lots of fun over the festive season, we know we definitely did! As it’s the beginning of a new year, we decided it was only appropriate to look back at our favourite moments from 2015. Keep reading to find out about all the happy moments that contributed to making 2015 a great year for Magnetic. 1. When we visited potentially the coolest bookshop in the world 2. That time we spent a wh