360 Panoramas Potential in the Automotive Industry

This week, we’re talking about how 360 panoramas can benefit the automotive industry. (If you’re new to 360’s, check out our post here explaining exactly what it is!) The automotive industry can use 360 panoramas to give tours of both the inside and outside of cars. When a customer is thinking of buying a new car, they have the opportunity to see what specific details are like. They can see inside the car and focus on particular details, such as the interior or dashboard. Thi

AR in Automotive

Last up in our series of posts on Augmented Reality in different industries is the automotive industry! (If you’re new to AR, check out our page here explaining exactly what it is!) AR allows you to add a whole new dimension to your printed material. This can present a whole host of opportunities for those in the automotive industry, as you’re about to find out! So firstly, let’s consider how AR can help you sell your products to potential customers… You can embed AR into you