The Fragmentation of Design Jobs

We recently read an article from Basecamp designer, Jonas Downey on how fragmented the design industry is becoming, and we can’t help but agree. He makes a hugely valid point about the absurd number of different names for design roles and titles. One thing that really stuck out to us was the quote ‘I believe Design requires a holistic grasp of problems, potential, and materials.’ At Magnetic, our designers are not only capable of, but also comfortable with working across a va

Modern Day Agency Life at Magnetic

Nowadays flexible working conditions are becoming more and more of the norm. Here at Magnetic we make every effort to be a modern-day design agency by offering our staff different arrangements that allow them to work flexibly. We are willing to negotiate working hours, regularly have ‘work from home’ days and even decide to set up our office in nice locations around London from time to time. One such example of a flexible working arrangement at Magnetic is with our Marketing