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Our Design Process

Every design company has their own way of doing things. We decided to give you an insight into our general process, so you can see what makes us different from the rest. So if you want to discover how we work at Magnetic, keep reading!

Of course, every project is different and has different needs, but these are the general steps we take to meet client’s needs:

Step 1) Communication

- We like to start by finding out more about the client – what your goals and dreams are, what makes you tick, but most importantly, how we can help you achieve your goals.

Step 2) Research & Planning

- The next step is all about research. We combine the information gathered in the first step with in-depth research, to generate a first draft. Of course, we keep you in the loop at all stages to ensure you’re happy with what we are doing before anything is finalised.

Step 3) Design

- Next we focus on the style of the work, ensuring it’s consistent with your brand and target audience. We create two alternatives and you can tell us what you like and dislike about each. This feedback will then inform the refined version.

Step 4) Finalisation

- Once we’ve finished fine-tuning the design and confirmed the final outcome with you, it’s time to start implementing it! This is the stage where your print material or website, for example, actually come to life.

The main way we differ from other design companies is that we like to keep you involved at all stages. We value your input and believe communication is key to powerful design.

To find out more about our processes, have a look at our website or don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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